Instructional Examples - Tools

Integrating language skills -- speaking, listening, reading, writing -- with explorations of cultural and/or thematic topics.
workshop blog illustrating Blogging Water - concept of integrating multiple media on same topic. Each student might post individually or media formats might be mixed among the students, some posting audio, some text, some video.

Hindi class studying love marraiges vs arranged marraiges invited people from the Hindi community to phone in testimonial with experiences and opinions. After listening to the testimonials, students created a video post stating their own opinions.  Tool:  Hipcast

Italian 232 students interviewed local Italians about their favorite sports and regional dishes, passing the cell phone back and forth during the interview.

speak2tweet = voicemail reports from Egypt posted to Twitter.
UM student blog with translations to English

Business French class, working with English class in Bordeaux, created brief video presentations of workplace issues comparing the French and American perspective.  They also introduced import/export products from their ficticious companies.  Finally, they helped each other create public service announcements, paying particular attention to linguistic and cultural accuracy of the message and appeal.  Tools:  Hipcast and Jaycut


Travel blog - images from Spain

Moblog posts are sent from your phone to the email address of your blog.
SEE Settings > Email & Mobile
You can send text, photos, video to the email address of the blog and if you enter your blog into your contacts list it makes it very quick and efficient.

Tell a story using only 5 images.
Image/text posting could vary. A single student could post image and narrative. OR Student A posts only images. Student B writes narrative. Student A responds and writes own narrative.
MORE INFO about this Visual Story Telling technique: SEE Flickr group.

Wikimedia Commons - images with shared permission for use
Google Advanced Search - SEE + button with usage rights filter at bottom

YouTube: embed code for blog
Hipcast:  upload audio and video, record audio and webcam video, phone in posts. podcast hosting.  $4/mo
Jaycut:  online video editor. upload audio and video. record audio and webcam video. embed code for blog.
Stikcam:  stream yourself live video. from your iphone

podbeanfree. podcast hosting/audio blog.  Create files elsewhere and upload.
     Podcasts/blog from Irish school

vocaroo = free. record audio. embed code. anonymous recordings disappear after 1-2 months, logged in disappear after 5-6 mos

QuickTime = embed code. copy this code, changing urls to refer to your video on your own web server space (i.e. IFS space or CTools) and paste it into EDIT HTML tab of your blog post.